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About Us

We are a team of ever-expanding tech-savvy and highly motivated Insurance and Financial Advisors who are on a mission to create Insurance awareness and help families around India to plan their money better.  Right now more than 500 families are benefitting from our services and we are handling more than 500 Cr Risk Management. 

Our Mentor

Our Founder and Mentor Mr. Ayush Bharadwaj is a leading Development Officer in Life Insurance Corporation of India since 2019.

He has created a Dedicated Team of more than 50 Professional Advisors who are performing better year after year. All the time this Glorious Team is getting Meritorious positions not only in Bandra Branch but in whole of Mumbai for the last number of years & occupied the ranks in different years as a whole and as individuals too.

Mr. Bharadwaj believes in the Development & Grooming of his Team as well as full focus on the develoment of each & every individual to become a better financial advisor. His team comprises people of all age groups. There are people as young as 19 Years of age and as old as 70 years too. But the common thing between them is that they all are highly motivated and beaming with energy. This positive attitude of his team has been Instrumental in their outstanding performance year after year.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to create a team of Insurance and Financial Advisors who can help families to plan their money and finances in the most efficient manner and on the way groom themselves and create a passive secondary income for themselves.

We hope to help at least 5000 families directly or indirectly by helping them create a second source of income and securing and safeguarding their finances.

Core Values

  • Serve, our clients

  • Educate, a rising tide raises all ships

  • Remember the Golden rule.

  • Value our client relationships.

  • Enhance the lives of people around us.

Why choose Us
There are thousands of Insurance Agents, but only a few are allowed to be called
The Insurance Advisor.
Our advisors are licensed by IRDA, properly trained, and certified to manage a risk capacity of up to Rs. 2 Crores.

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